GUILDED -- Public Launch

2017-03-16 18:38:32 by KupaMan


Guilded is now live world-wide! Head over and create your new gaming community!

Hey, guys. It's been a long time. While most of that time has been spent crying into cold macaroni and taste-tesing various tequilas by the mug-full, some of it has been spent working with my BFF and fellow Newgrounds alumnus Eli Brown (Epos, Besieged) on a new site built specifically for online gaming groups called Guilded.

Anybody who's been a guild member of an MMO or a teammate on any competitive game understands the frustration of managing your teammates, your communications, your schedules, your documents, your whatever else, across two or three different websites, apps, and services. Most people lack the time, resources, or skill to build their own website to cater to these needs.

Our goal with Guilded is to address all those issues, 100% free. Creating a team takes seconds, and you'll have instant access to your own Discussion Boards, Events Calendar, Recruitment features, Team and Private Chat, in-depth profiles, and more. We're still adding features, and we're still open to suggestions, so don't be shy.

It's hard not to sound like a shill right now, as I beg you to visit our site, but this really is a labor of love made for gamers like us. We sincerely hope you find this service useful, and help us make it even better. See for yourself at



- Jared

Guilded is also available on your phone!




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2017-03-16 18:41:25

I forgot to mention: Anybody who signs up this week (or has previously signed up during our private beta) will get a piece of Founders Flair on their Guilded profile. It doesn't do anything, but you can say you have it.


2017-03-17 00:35:28

When is the next Ingus coming out?

KupaMan responds:

Unfortunately, the voice actors responsible for a number of character on that series was killed while trying to teach his dog how to drive a car this past December.